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Please read all info before commissioning me! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Sites I'm on: 
Kasaica @ Weasyl
Kasaica @ FurAffinity

!Statuses! - Check here first before asking me about stuff. 








*Requests will most likely be closed indefinitely. Please don't ask for free art OTL;

!Rules and Other Info! - Stuff and junk about commissioning me. 

I have the right to decline a commission/trade/request/collab I do not feel comfortable doing and/or is illegal in some way, shape, or form. I will also reserve the right to deny commissions based on client behavior. Harassment and other uncomfortable behavior will be received with denied commissions/etc. 

For now I am only accepting payments through paypal. Please send a note saying that you sent payment, and if you are paying by Paypal, please include your username in a note with the payment so I can confirm you have paid. 

You may ask for a refund depending on how far along with the commission I am. The amount of refund will probably depend on amount of effort, detail, and time I have put into the commission, but I am willing to refund 50% or more for the most part. Full refunds will be rare if I have already started the commission. 

Okay on to the fun stuff hella \o/

!Prices! - Pricing and Notes About Pricing
These can be flexible, so don't automatically assume something always will cost the same (but I probably won't change them because I'm a lazy shithead ahoorhoaur). Prices on flatcolors vary depending on complexity, if a character is extremely complex in design I will charge as I see fit to make up for time spent on the coloring. 

Sketches - 
Headshot: $3
Fullbody: $10
Additional characters: + $2 
Flatcolors: +$5

Lineart - 
Headshot: $5
Fullbody: $12
Additional characters: + $4
Flatcolors: +$8

Cel shade-  NOTE: Commission with the fact in mind that I am still learning how to shade >A>;;;
Headshot: +$5
Fullbody: +$10
Additional characters: + $5

Soft shade - See note above.
Headshot: +$5
Fullbody: +$10
Additional characters: + $5

Chibi - Flatcolor or sketch
Headshot: $2
Fullbody: $3
Additional characters: + $1

Chibi - Shaded (See note on shading above.)
Headshot: $3
Fullbody: $4
Additional characters: + $2

Backgrounds - Actual scene backgrounds are an added $15 at least. I'm still very much a beginner on backgrounds and they are a big challenge of mine. More complex backgrounds will be charged accordingly. Plain-color backgrounds are of no extra charge. 

Reference Sheets - Closed for now because I'm a shithead
Base (front view, headshot, palettes, info) - $25
Simple (front & back views, headshot, palettes, info) - $35
Detailed (front & back views, multiple headshots, palette, apparel design, info) - $50
Add-ons (aka extra stuff the commissioner wants to be included on the sheet) will be +$5 

THINGS I WILL DRAW: Humans, humanoids, furry shit, slight NSFW (nothing too crazy, see below for stuff about that), most animals

THINGS I'M MEDIOCRE AT: Females, mech, backgrounds, birds 

THINGS I WON'T DRAW: Porn (as in 2+ things doing the do, I'm shit at drawing it pls don't make me make you cry from the ugly), IRL people, super crazy fetish art (note, this probably covers a lot because I'm one stone-cold vanilla motherfucker, but if you're desperate just note me and I'll tell you if I'm up for it or not) 

I will only upload NSFW works to Weasyl or FurAffinity. They will not be uploaded here because dA has issues with anything that's not nude female models. 

Here's the queue for commissions. I will usually only take 5 or 6 at a time to keep myself from getting too inundated. Note me if you want a slot, and I will send you my paypal address. 

If you're on FA or Weasyl, just send me a PM there and we'll do business from there ovo

I will not start your commission(s) until I have received payment. 

1. bubsyb - flatcolor lineart headshot (paid/finished)

2. AJ - chibi thing (paid/finished)

3. (unpaid/unfinished)

4. (unpaid/unfinished)

5. (unpaid/unfinished)

6. (unpaid/unfinished)


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
- Kas/Kascan/Sac/Nicknames
- Teenager
- Immortal Zombie Jesus Dog
- Angry Molesting Tree

Love for all things Lovecraft, Sci Fi, Music, and Horror cause that stuff is hella rad

Other site junk:
FlightRising: Kasaica #1921
Chicken Smoothie - Kascan
Steam - KasCaniius
Tumblr - Shmoovemafia
Skype - Note if you want it*

|KAWAII TRUCK | ‘|”“”;.., ___.
|_…__…______==== _|__|…, ] |
............”(@ )’(@ )”“”“*|(@ )(@ )*****(@

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you're very welcome! ovo
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i like your icon
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